Targeting women, the wrong way

An investing platform,  that caters to women only, founded by a famous glass-ceiling shatterer on Wall Street, sends out pretty flowers to its new clients to appreciate them.

While flowers are great and mood-elevating, it is a bit ironical that an investing service, is teaching its patrons to splurge instead of being thrifty. What funds those flowers?

What would an investing lynchpin like Buffett say about this? The same Buffett who went to a board meeting, to find directors passing out cigars in the end, and sat there fuming – “That’s my money paying for those cigars.” While sitting there, Buffett computed what fraction of the cigars were being paid for from his pocket, given that he owned ~30% of the company. If we want to make young women skilled investors, lets start by inculcating such a mindset first.

If you are investing service, and want to appreciate your clients, how about doing it in a more constructive way, like teaching them the power of compounding?

A 163 nuggets of chocolate, can cost the same as a bunch of flowers, and represent 0.01 nugget of chocolate doubled daily for 15 days. That could be accompanied with a note saying that the doubling stops at day 15, because at day 31, it would be 10 million chocolate pieces and unaffordable for the company.

Gender-based targeting is not new, and ranges from flowers in investing, to tech companies handing out lipsticks and nail polish  to engineers at a ‘women in tech’ conference.

More often than not, these tactics magnify and worsen the same stereotypes they are trying to alleviate.