Book Summary: Give and Take by Adam Grant

  • Reciprocity Styles:┬áPeople can be classified based on reciprocity styles as givers (do more for others), matchers (operate on quid-pro-quo basis) and takers (look for personal gain at the expense of others).
  • Success and Reciprocity Styles: There is a high correlation between patterns of success/productivity and reciprocity styles. On the success ladder, the people at the bottom are givers. Surprisingly, the people at the top are also givers. The takers and matchers occupy the middle. The book is about how giving enriches you in various ways, and what differentiates givers at the bottom and the top.

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Credit Cards, Beginner Bucket List – 2016

I found myself having conversations with several friends about must-have credit cards. This post is an attempt to record all of them in one place, and is aimed at credit card beginners. For immigrants from places where plastic money isn’t prevalent, it is important to understand why routing all bills and purchases through credit cards is recommended (purchase protection, cashback, and building a good credit history). This list is by no means comprehensive, just what worked for me. For better resources, go here or here. If you hate having to deal with this stuff at all, scroll to the very bottom for a tl;dr.

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Getting There: A Book of Mentors

This book is a collection of memoirs and life lessons from leaders in diverse fields, ranging from investing (Warren Buffett), art (Marina Abramovic), business (several) to academia (Nitin Nohria). The content is surprisingly fresh and different from what one may have read from these same people elsewhere. The candid, reflective and conversational tone makes the book a great bedtime read.

Below are some snippets from each of the subjects.

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