Of philosophy and analogy…..

Scorch,screech,hiss and hiss again
There goes the fire, rekindling its pain
Yet every moment a spark, brilliant-so-ever
A seductive invitation to come and get slain..

The light that doth become its notion of supreme beauty
Woo-ing it so strongly,making it forget its duty….
Pure,dazzling,inspiring – the fountain of its bliss
But why so full of strife if bathed in all sanctity ?

Happily it flies forward,blinded in the shimmer
Burnt,scorched, wings about to wither
Yet so at peace with itself, so full of its dreams
So oblivious of the reality awaiting thither…..

And for a moment it does stop, when truth does scream
When it finds reality pinching round the clock
But it only takes the light just another gleam
And there its flies again,dreaming of its ‘sun’ once more…

Dear God,why must it be so blinded? or so enchanted and fooled?
Becoming the object of all laughter and  great pity ?
For ‘it’ is the moth, and I can’t help but empathize
To be hurt by what it loves the most – that is its destiny.

A randomly jotted outcome of  some very vetti vague philosophical musings merged with a retrospection of reality.  Try as I might, I can’t stop my thoughts and writings from being  hijacked by the moth. Sigh.


9 thoughts on “Of philosophy and analogy…..

  1. A lot of thoughts put into it ….
    asking questions ….. looking out for answers …
    A nice piece .. conveys a lot more than just a poem
    nice work.


  2. Extremely nice, liked it really well…
    A poem speaks more than a thousand essays…
    Poems are perhaps the most effective windows to glance into somebody’s heart…


  3. Deep. A deep analogy to the moth too. You know what, you have rekindled in me a line of thought that was lost sometime back due to some mundane work 🙂 Danke!


  4. While I absolutely detest the theme, I have to say, most excellently voiced. The analogy was most brilliantly brought out, ^:-)^.

    @Naveen: What connection could you have with moths (metaphorical or otherwise)?

    P.S. Ah! For once, I’m not first to comment :-P, :-).


  5. Hey!

    Nice one. Liked it, especially because I wonder about moths a lot too.. Loads in campus during rainy season. They have a very organized, regular pattern of committing suicide 😦


  6. I am reminded of this Bollywood song (penned by Anand Bakshi, from the 1970 movie Kati Patang):

    Shama kahe parwaane se, pare chala jaa
    Meri tarah jal jayega, yahan nahin aa

    Woh nahin sunta usko jal jaana hota hai
    Pyar deewana hota hai mastaana hota hai
    Har khushi se har gam se begaana hota hai


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